Web 2.0 Expo

I found this when reading about the presentations at the Web 2.0 Expo on http://www.web2expo.com/webexsf2011/public/schedule/proceedings. There were many presentations about the future of the Web and new innovations. One particular presentation I have linked to this blog called “How Mobile-Friendly Is Your Organization’s Website?” by Melissa Clark I found interesting. I believe that more and more everyday people are using their mobile devices for using the web, so if our websites are not suited, then we lose out. Melissa Clark talks about optimizing your site for mobile devices; by use of device detection; making it light weight; using sytem text rather than images; replacing flash elements with HTML5/CSS3 or using static images, avoid pop-ups, hover states, or overlays; and take advantage of HTML5 and JS to create maps, push to call buttons, and a home screen icon. She also talks about using analytics to target the top 10 devices that hit your desktop website, using emulators or testing services, and using a mobile plug-in if possible, all of which can help with the challenge of testing a site on mobile devices. Check out the link…..