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I learned something new today. A client of mine wants to showcase his resume on a webpage and since I had never done this before I did a lil research and found this article:

“How to embed a PDF document into HTML web page

PDF the Portable Document Format, although created by Adobe in the early 90’s is now an open standard ISO format for documents.
It’s a great way of converting propriety documents (excel, word etc.) into a easily viewable/exchangable format.

Putting PDFs into web pages is increasing popular – you can view documents as they should appear with images and text formatted as the author intended.

So.. how do you embed a pdf into a web page?

The simple way is to use the standards-compliant “object” element, and looks like this:

<  object data="myfile.pdf" type="application/pdf" width="100%" height="100%"  >

  <  p  >It appears you don't have a PDF plugin for this browser.
  No biggie... you can <  a href="myfile.pdf"  >click here to
  download the PDF file.<  /a  ><  /p  >

<  /object  >

You can then style the div that this object goes in so that it fits with the size and layout of your website.
If you’re still not sure, or want more detail about this subject read the info over at pdfobject.com

After reading this article I thought to myself how would I link the PDF document for a user who does not have PDF plugin. Well Google has what is called Google Docs Viewer and it is a free tool. Just upload the PDF to your server and copy the url into Google Docs and generate code. Copy the url code into the paragraph <a href=”…”>url goes here</a> and you are done. Now anyone can view your resume.  Google also generates an iframe code that allows you to embed your pdf on your webpage, but I felt that using the object tag in html was more visually appealing. Love it. Check it out…
Embedded PDF on webpage: http://jamesbohannon.com/