Class Papers

Work Ethics

Interpersonal Skills

Internet Skills

Exploring Web Design

Chapter 1 “Make the World Wide Web A Better Place”

Chapter 2 “Successful Web Layout”

  1. make a typography image. You can choose a topic, or simply use your name, or even your first initial.
Chapter 5 Exercise
  1. Visit the website and test three of your favorite high-profile websites for accessibility. For each one, write out an action plan that outlines what could be done to improve its accessibility.
Chapter 7 Exercise
  1. Think about all the technological innovations you’ve encountered in science fiction books and movies. How far in the future so you think wrist communicators and electronic paper are? Design a website that would work if a user was viewing in on a wrist communicator. Create this site in several stages representing how it would change interactively, and write a brief explanation of how these changes would occur.

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